It would be so simple
just to type a few words,
to say hi without any purpose,
to ask how are you,
because I'm really interested, mind you.

It should be so easy to say what I really want to say:
I miss you

I am both curious and scared as hell
What would you do?
If I told you everything,
everything that have crossed my mind and heart since December .

I feel so stupid.
Why didn't I spoke to you before?
Why didn't I told you all this?
Why did I have to meet you?

Why do I keep writing about this, about you, always, always about you?

My heart is killing me,
and I know, I know, I can't have it both ways,
I can't be with you the way I'd love to.
But you have plenty of friends already, you don't need another one.

And if I've been telling this to myself all this months why can't I fucking convince myself to let you go, why can't I take you OUT of my heart.

Why did I have to meet you?


I thought you were like the Sun,
warming everything its rays touch,
warming everything that is around you,
ever so softly as the most gentle spark of a summer dawn

We view the Sun through the eyes of life on the Earth, we only see it as the thing that nurture us and makes us grow;
But we don't really realize its true nature.

Because you, like the Sun, are a Cosmic Fire; fiery, burning with an unknown intensity, with a core so pure that is out of our comprehension.

It is the fire that burns in the depths of the Hades, the fires of the ancient temple of Heliopolis, the blue flame that test and purify the souls.

It is Phoenix
And so are you