Too much

How is it possible that something so small holds so much power?

Over my thoughts
Over my acts and decisions
Small things, everyday, and then....nothing
Nothing for a long time

It kills me
It make me recall every moment
And think
All over again

Trying to get a hang on what the fuck is going on
Why the heck "that" has that power over me?
Why do I let it have it?
Why I don't want to say no more?

I can't stop
I must stop
I will stop

Sea, silence and sky

Walk trough the trees
by a path made of woodplanks
Corema album
It makes me think about Koré Persephone with its fresh,  round, vivid white berries that look like pearls. 

Step out of the wood,  into the sand. 
Remove your shoes and walk
feeling it between your toes

Stand there, in the shore
The wind is howling
The waves are slowly coming nearer
Kissing the sand, making it wet and hard
Like a lover

The sun is starting to lower in the horizon
Giving the sea a reddish tint and the sky a violet hue
So precious
Leaves you there awed, unable to move for a minute, just looking at everything and nothing.

Start walking, along the kissing waves your feet feeling as light as your heart feels somewhat heavy and peaceful at the same time.

The sand is just made of decomposed corpses of clams, of shells reduced to dust.

Sit there, listening, your brain is quiet now, no need to think anything.
Until the light goes completely out
Until the stars start shining
So beautiful.
Just silence, sea and sky
Just me there.